Marine 1500 First Aid Kit

Marine 1500 First Aid Kit

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Adventure Medical Kits

Waterproof Marine 1500 First Aid Kit

Rocking waves, cleats, sails, and slippery decks all make a perfect storm for boating injuries, but the Marine Series Kits will help you prepare for them all. 

Whether you're offshore sailing, coastal cruising or deep sea fishing, the Marine 1500 is a well-stocked marine first aid kit containing the emergency supplies you need to stabilize and treat multiple crew members on vessels traveling 12-24 hours from medical care. Equip your sailboat, yacht, or other vessel with the supplies you need to treat hypothermia, lacerations, fractures, burns, seasickness, jelly fish stings, and nearly any other boating injury until medical professionals can be reached. The contents are organized by injury, making it easy for crew members to find what they need quickly. An essential addition to boat safety equipment, the kit comes with the Comprehensive Guide to Marine Medicine written by marine medicine expert Michael Jacobs, MD, and Eric Weiss, MD. This detailed resource helps you identify and treat over 200 injuries and illnesses specifically related to marine medicine. The water-resistant, padded case has a texturized rubber bottom to protect its contents and resist slipping on wet surfaces. Leave port knowing you're prepared with professional tools and the finest in boating safety.

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