Backcountry Blades: Selecting High Quality Tools For The Outdoors

Selecting High Quality Tools For The Outdoors


With copious amounts of time spent in the outdoors, every experienced adventurist knows that nothing beats quality gear. When it comes to your knives and axes, there should be no exceptions. 

Time spent outside shouldn't be wasted with injuries from hopelessly dull blades. Time wasted hacking away at cordage or making a mess out of your harvest might as well be a sin against nature itself. Didn't we come out here for simplicity?

The best way to keep things simple is to have the right tools for the right job. It comes with being prepared. This is a catalog of uses for our high quality Tools (Knives and Axes)  to help you better enjoy your quality time in the outdoors 

Rugged Environments Call For The Right Tools


 Field Knives

A survivalist's best friend. Large bladed workhorses for a variety of uses. Best for butchering big game or other less specialized camp chores and tasks that require backbone, such as chopping or kindling making.

Eggen Traditional Field Knife

Handcrafted in Norway. This premium blade is one of Helle Knives most popular models. A stout hunting knife made of triple laminated stainless steel. The Eggen features a drop point style blade, which is used for carving, cutting, and skinning. Wooden formed finger guard gives a solid feel in the hand and is comfortable for time consuming tasks

 Helle GT Traditional Field Knife

 The GT is a large style knife featuring a larger, thicker blade and a finger guard. However it is still suitable for adventures, long backcountry trips and hunts due to the lack of pommel and the lightweight aluminum guard



Fillet Knives

Fillet knives feature a thin, flexible blade, allowing you the ability to feel through the knife for more delicate processes and tasks. It is the most common style blade for filleting fish and processing small game birds. North Forest Trading Co carries two different sizes of Opinel Folding Slim Series Fillet Knives.


The Opinel Slim Series No.15 Folding Fillet Knife

Large enough to fillet fish both large and small. It can handle anything from pike and walleye sized fillets, to perch and other panfish. Great addition to your pack, boat box, or canoe trip loadout. A versatile size for both kitchen cutting tasks and meat processing.  


The Opinel Slim Series No. 10 Olivewood Folding Fillet Knife

The No.10 is a small fillet knife used for smaller fish such as trout and panfish, and also for small game animals. The No.10 makes short work out of game birds and waterfowl. The luxury figured olivewood and mirrored blade also adds a bit of personality to your loadout or pack

Opinel Olivewood Folding Fillet Knife for fishing and small game hunting luxury gift


Pocket Knives

 With popularity dating back to the late 20th century, the time tested pocket knife is always a must have tool for the wilderness. Whether its a day trip or an extended expedition, these knives serve their purpose. Always being there when you need them most. 

Opinel No.12 Explorer Outdoor Folding Knife

The Opinel Explorer Outdoor Folding Knife is North Forest Trading Company's NUMBER ONE SELLER. Consistently in demand by backcountry adventure enthusiasts.

The No. 12 Explorer features an ultra sharp 4 inch Blade, Flint, Hook Blade, and Whistle.

Polymer Construction handles are made to withstand extreme temperature swings, drops and falls, and is totally water resistant in construction with ultra sharp, Sandvik Stainless Steel. Opinel is always Made in France to ensure high quality product. The Opinel Explorer Outdoors Series offers a modern approach to timeless product. 


Opinel No 12 Outdoor Folding Knife Survival Pocket Knives Orange Stainless Steel Hiking Fishing hunting Hook and Fire Starter Rod


The Opinel No. 08

The Most Popular size of Opinel Knives. Perfect for all around everyday carry and always ultra sharp! The No 8 line up blade length comes in at 3.5 Inches, making it legal for EDC almost everywhere. It is lightweight, affordable, and comes in a variety of different wood types. Currently NFTC only stocks Opinel Knives in Stainless Steel, to ensure the blades stay clean and corrosion free. 

Opinel No.08 Stainless Folding Pocket Knife with Walnut Handle

Walnut wood gives this knife a rustic, but luxurious appeal, a 2nd Best Seller from NFTC.



Opinel No.08 Folding Knife with Sheath Gift Box Set

The Beechwood handle keeps this knife affordable due to its softer nature, however it still manages to always look great. This set comes with a Faux Leather sheath to keep your Opinel looking like new.


Opinel wood handled pocket knife EDC with sheath gift set no 8

Opinel No.08 Olivewood Folding Knife with Sheath Wooden Box Gift Set

 This No. 8 knife is a bit more fancy than the average, with the addition of the olive wood handle. A real piece of art! Comes in a wooden gift box set with a Faux Leather sheath

Olive wood luxury pocket knife EDC made in France gift set in box

Opinel No.08 Black Oak Folding Knife with Box

 The No. 8 Black Oak is just as appealing to the consumer market as it is to the collectors. Who wouldn't want a beautiful Anodized Black Blade with a hardwood oak handle? This ones not easy to keep in stock.  

Opinel Black Oak Luxury wood pocket knife EDC Every day carry fishing camping hiking hunting quality stainless steel


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