Fly Tying Material Kits from Flymen Fishing Co. are now in stock on the site!

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Tie the popular, Game Changer patterns by, Blane Chocklett
Get a head start on your fly tying by securing all your materials in one place!
Everything you need to tie Flymen's best fly fishing patterns!

Choose from 5 different fly patterns with more coming soon!

  • Chocklett's Finesse Game Changer 
  • Chocklett's Mini Finesse Game Changer
    Surface Seducer Popper top water fly tying material from flymen fishing co. best material for foam popper heads on fly fishing streamer patterns
  • Surface Seducer Bass Bug Popper 
  • Surface Seducer Panfish and Topwater Trout Popper

nymph head evolution tungsten fly tying beads for realistic fly fishing patterns from flymen fishing company

  • Nymph Head Evolution Stonefly Prince Nymph  



Tie these innovative and modern fly patterns with ease, each kit contains instructions, complete with photos, and even videos online 

Perfect for beginners and skilled tyers alike!